digital textile printing fabricAs LEDU, about fabric production, we have imported the BERGER, which is the world’s leading textile fabrics.LEDU is the TURKEY Official Distributor Of BERGER and at the same time, it is one of the most comprehensive advertising company. BERGER Digital Printing Fabrics are worked with the world’s giant. The world giant firms use the BERGER Digital Printing Fabrics, while doing textile printing. In LEDU’s wide range of products; there are UV , LATEX , SOLVENT , DYE-SUB and PAPER TRANSFER. The digital printing fabrics, imported by LEDU, are cut in desired sizes. Group on their advertising products,our company uses BERGER Digital Print Fabric. With the right fabric, with the right press and with the right LED Backlight Digital Textile, it reveals the quality of LED Lighting. The BERGER, which is suitable for Textile Transfer Printing and Direct Dijital Textile Printing, is FLAME_PROOF and IS NOT WRINKLED.

Berger Textile print fabricSigns and advertising images, located between areas of  Technical Print Fabric, can be printed on various fabrics for different purposes. Because of Waterproof feature inflatable fabrics ( BALLOON, POOL ) can be printed. For using in the manufacture of interior Canvas, it prints table of manufacturers that used techniques such as; Canvas prints fabric is in the range of BERGER products. With the development of Digital Printing Tecniques, the quality of the textile printing fabrics are very important in terms of image quality. As LEDU our work includes digital textile printing fornthe advertising industry. We have been making series with digital printing machines which is hightech and that print directly.As LEDU,  we do your digital textile printing jobs guickly and professionally with professional printing machine.