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In door advertising sectors , the most preferred product is TEXTILE LIGHT BOX. Our TEXTILE LIGHT BOX has easy installation, easy to change and easy transportation.Thus, it becomes an indispensable. Not only we make the installations our products but also without any installation experience, you can do on your own installation. Because we send the installation scheme to our clients and it becomes easy to set up it.

We are the distributor of BERGER,which we use to all our products.The BERGER has high quality standarts; such as; Frame Resistant and Anti-Wrinkling features. It provides a substantion advantages for our costumers, like Airports,Exhibition centers, Shopping centers etc… Besides Tekstile Light Boxes, we also have SNAP FRAME PRODUCTS and CRYSTAL LIGHT BOXES. This products are very popular in the field of advertising. If we compare the crystal light boxes with the durutrans and the vinyl, it will be widespread from all over the world. Especially,while doing the visual changes, you can do on your own without any help.Because of this, TEXTILE LIGHT BOXES will be used widely in all stories,without saying big or small,in the near future.

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