Cookie Policy

Our Company uses cookies on the website while carrying out the work it offers to our valued customers. By visiting the website, you accept the placing of the cookies necessary for thee use of the website on your device.

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small electronics files containing information that are added to your device when you visit our website. Since cookies are used widely in the virtual world and web browsers are automatically defined as pre-acceptance, the language, settings and etc. of your device related to your visit. It helps to remember information.

Types of Cookies ;

Cookie Type Description
Session CookiesSession cookies are cookies that are valid during your use of the website and remain valid until the web browser is closed.
Persistent CookiesThese cookies are cookies that are stored in your browser and remain valid until they are deleted by you or until their expiration date.
Mandatory CookiesThese cookies are mandatory for the website to work properly and for you to benefit from the features of the website and the services offered.
Functional and Analytical CookiesThese are cookies that are used for purposes such as remembering your preferences, using the website effectively, optimizing the website to respond to your requests, and containing data about how you use the site. Due to their nature, these types of cookies may contain your personal data. For example, cookies that save your preference for the display language of the site are functional cookies.
Tracking CookiesTracking cookies are primary and third-party cookies created during your visit to our website and third-party domains. These cookies make it possible to track your click and visit history in the domains where they were created, and to match these records between different domains. These types of cookies are used for the purpose of recognizing and profiling users, targeting advertising and marketing activities and customizing the content. These cookies will not be used to identify you or to make decisions for your personally.


In general, our purposes for using cookies are :

  • Recording of user experience and preferences on websites for the purpose of personalizing their subsequent visits.
  • To improve your experience of visiting our website.
  • For the purpose of promoting products and services for your interest.
  • To customize our website according to your preferences.
  • To improve website performance.

The confidential information of users is not kept in any cookies we use. Please note that if you do not configure your browser, you will accept the cookies provided by this website.

To turn off cookies;

  • In Chrome, you can use the “Settings / Privacy / Content Settings / Turn off cookies” option in your browser settings.
  • For users using Internet Explorer: You can use “Options/Internet Settings/Privacy/Settings”.
  • For users using Firefox: You can use “Tools/ Options’/ Privacy/ Cookie acceptance method/ Until Firefox is closed”.
  • For users using Safari: “Preferences/Privacy Item/Website Data/Select one or more websites/Delete all.

Our Notice of Policy Changes

In case the content of this Policy changes or there are new additions, the latest updated policy will be made available on our website in order to provide transparency to our Users and inform how we collect and use data.