Ledu was established in 2012 within the body of Lydia Advertising Organization Tourism San. Tic. Ltd Şti. Lydia Reklam aims to be successful in every field it enters with 260 employees and 30 years of experience. In addition to LEDU under its own structure, In the field of transfer printing with Hitit Transfer, J-Teck, Kiian and Trujet have worked in many different sectors in the field of dyeing for desktop and large format printers, and has succeeded to be among the leading companies in every sector it enters. As LEDU, we serve with our led bar, led panel, led module, lightbox products. Our LED bars, LED panels and LED modules offer products to our valued customers that they can use for many years with peace of mind, with many different solution ideas in lighting industry, especially in lighting of many materials used by advertisers. We are sure that you will be satisfied with the offers that we will offer to you with our technical team established by experts in their field, in terms of both product cost and minimizing consumption costs. The fact that we stand behind our products as technical support for many years in the continuation of each project we carry out together is our biggest feature that distinguishes us from other companies. Our company, which made a rapid introduction to the advertising industry with our newest product, Textile Lightbox, has managed to attract the attention of many big brands with the technique of printing on fabric instead of conventional paper or vinyl printed products. Our company, which has started to work with new brands every day with Tekstil Lightbox, which has become our locomotive product in addition to LED lighting systems, constantly grows its machinery and technical team with the same speed and works with an unceasing tempo to provide you with better quality service.