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Tekstil Çerçevesi
Easy Installation
LED lighting options
Led lights can be mounted to channels in profile
Double sided visual

Textile profiles today is one of the materials used in the manufacture of textile lifting billboards that used to see often.Textile frames we used in textile production to sales as boxer had LEU was to be used in textile manufacturing as special stretching panel. Textile box frames as we work stocked of you can see below and you can get more detailed information by calling us.

Single-sided and double-sided Textile frames, providing a visual display of our materials are manufactured at European standards as can be used in LED Lighting products.Textile Stretching advertising LEDU which provides A to Z services to the Board,sales outside the textile framework as extra equipment sells the Profile L Connection.

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Textile Profiles

Tekstil Germe Çerçevesi

  • Double Sided
Tekstil box kasası

  • Double Sided